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What Experts Are Saying About Using FitPAWS Equipment

FitPAWS® Master Trainer Instructor - Bobbie Lyons, Cert CFBOBBIE LYONS, CCFT, FP-MTI, Cert CF

“My clients and I choose FitPAWS products because the company supports dog fitness, they stand behind their products and produce their products with safety in mind. I use FitPAWS products to reduce the chance of injury and improve performance in sport dogs, by increasing strength, balance and body awareness. FitPAWS products have made a huge difference in the lives of my clients and their dogs.”

Pawsitive Performance – As a K9Fitness Coach, I am passionate about introducing dogs and their handlers to the benefits of FitPAWS balance equipment to increase strength, body awareness and confidence.   I choose to use FitPAWS products because research goes into each piece that is developed  for maximum safety and functionality for the dog. The FitPAWS Master Trainer Program is the live lab required to earn the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) certification through the University of Tennessee – I am proud to be an instructor for this program.

Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, FP-MTI, Cert CF
Custom K9 Conditioning plans, workshops, online classes
www.pawsitive-performance.com, Online Classroom Website


“The FitPAWS equipment is fabulous for developing top line and improving posture in the show ring. I have helped several dogs achieve titles and points by using the entire line of balance equipment to improve form. The dogs love working on the equipment and the dogs’ parents love the results. Thanks FitPAWS for making quality equipment that makes a difference!” Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT),  and FitPAWS Master Trainer instructor.

AZ Canine Rehab

FitPAWS® Master Trainer Instructor - Darrell WilkersonDARRELL WILKERSON, CCFT, FP-MTI, Trainer & FEMA Instructor – Search and Rescue

“I use Fit PAWS equipment for all of the working dogs that I personally train, own or handle. The Fit Paws equipment has proven to increase balance, develop the core and enabled me to target specific muscle groups that each individual dog needs, in order to reduce the risk of injury. My experience with using the Fit PAWS equipment in training is that the dogs are motivated, the training increases the bond between the handler and the dog, and generally makes for a more biddable canine.”
Darrell Wilkerson, Trainer & FEMA Instructor – Search and Rescue

Darrell Wilkerson CCFT, FP-MTI, Trainer & FEMA Instructor – Search and Rescue
FitPAWS® Master Trainer Instructor

RobbyPorter_FitPAWS_DogTrainingROBER J. PORTER, CCRP

“FitPAWS® products provide a valuable array of off balance props for recovery and athletic conditioning of our canine patients.

Anytime I have a challenging patient or a performance dog that needs more strength and skill I reach for my FitPAWS® equipment. There always seems to be tool for every problem, every body region, and every action that I want to work in our patients.

“Since using FitPAWS® products my patients get better faster, become stronger and are overall happier to come to rehab. Thanks FitPAWS® for all you do for our canine patients!”

Robert J Porter III, CCRP
Owner at It’s Possible and Physical Rehabiliatation Treatment Supervisor, and staff photographer/ videographer (Mandeville) at MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets


Cassie-pods5_croppedWhen working with dogs who have physical or behavioral challenges, or who participate in competitive sports, I use FitPAWS® equipment to develop their confidence, body awareness, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. I’ve been using this equipment for years, in my practice, and in workshops. Especially rewarding is to see senior dogs regain core and stabilization muscles, hind-end strength, and proprioception. They start climbing stairs again, gaining confidence, and increasing their overall activity level from doing home exercises. I use the FitPAWS equipment as part of a holistic approach to improve health and confidence in dogs, as well as enhanced relationships between them and their human families!

Lori Stevens, CPDT-KA, SAMP, CCFT
FitPAWS Master Trainer
Senior Tellington TTouch® Training Practitioner
e:mail Lori@SeattleTTouch.com
Seattle, WA

ShariSprague-cropSHARI SPRAGUE

“I love my FitPAWS equipment. It is well made and their customer service is excellent. My patience love playing on the equipment and I love watching them gain strength and stability, as well as improve the weight bearing abilities and balance using different tools. In addition, I see many dogs gain confidence by using the different equipment. I enjoy being creative with the equipment, giving dogs different scenarios to play around with
and on.”
Shari Spague, MPT, CCRT
Owner and founder of PUP Rehabilitation and Conditioning


“I utilize FitPAWS equipment on a daily basis to improve the balance, stamina, strength, mental focus and flexibility of dogs of all walks of life. As a rehabilitation professional, I work with dogs that are geriatric, recovering from surgery and that are canine athletes. The variety that is available in the FitPAWS equipment, allows me to customize programs to the individual needs of the client. I am very pleased with FitPAWS and I will continue to utilize and recommend it to my clients.”

Lisa Blanchard, BA, LVT, CMT, CCRP, FP-MTI

KFisherKerry Fisher, DVM, CCRT, CCFT, FP-MTI

FitPAWS® equipment has a place in every veterinary hospital and also in every dog owner’s home. I’ve been using & recommending dynamic exercises for rehabilitation, injury prevention, conditioning, weight loss and behavioral challenges in dogs and cats since opening a veterinary pain management practice in 1996. It was exciting to find Ball Dynamics International, manufacturer of FitPAWS®, about 15 years ago. It’s evident that they share a love for the well being of dogs.

This equipment is a key part of any program for improving physical strength (including core strength), muscle balance, proprioception, confidence and the ability to perform daily activities and functional abilities. Dogs with lots of energy and little to do will get quite the workout, both mentally and physically, using FitPAWS® equipment.

It’s been rewarding to see the positive functional, physical and mental changes in the animals and the joy these changes bring to their owners! FitPAWS® equipment requires little storage space and provides ongoing benefits to my patients.

Kerry Fisher, DVM, CCRT, CCFT, FP-MTI


Nearly three years after beginning our work on improving his core muscles and balance capabilities, our tripawd dog Wyatt is stronger than ever. We did it by incorporating daily training games with the FitPAWS%reg; Canine Conditioning Equipment.

As you can see in the above photo of Wyatt Ray running, his remaining rear limb was extremely weak and his slope was extremely pronounced. That photo was taken less than six months after amputation.

Today, this photo on the right shows his improvement, almost three years after amputation. His stronger core muscles are better able to support his entire body, his rear leg has gained power and more obvious definition.

Today he has better spinal alignment and longer endurance that helps him during playtime and walks. Staying strong will also reduce joint stress as he ages.

Rene Agredano & Jim Nelson, founders
Tripawds.com, world’s biggest canine amputee support community

Pack of Paws Dog Training

  • We’ve added the equipment to our Fitness class, which includes Massage Therapy, Stretching and aerobic exercise
  • We’ve added the equipment to our Puppy Classes, a HUGE hit! It’s such great socialization for the babies!
  • We’ve added the equipment to our Reactive Dog II classes. Builds confidence and keeps them too busy to worry about the other dog, while having a good time among those other dogs.
  • We’ve added the equipment to our Scaredy Dog classes for confidence building and fun.
  • We’ve added the equipment to our Breakfast Club, which is so much fun already, now it’s more fun.
  • We use it for end of class activities the last 10 minutes of Obedience and impulse control classes.

I’m so thrilled to be working with you and using the equipment. It’s an incredible addition to our Training Center!

Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Certified TagTeach Level 1
Animal Behavior College Graduate with Honors

Pack of Paws Dog Training