FitPAWS® Master Trainer Instructor – Bobbie Lyons

FitPAWS® Master Trainer Instructor - Bobbie Lyons, Cert CFBobbie Lyons, CCFT, FP-MTI, Cert CF
FitPAWS® Master Trainer Instructor
Pawsitive Performance

Bobbie trains her own dogs in agility, herding, tricks and  is now also training her dogs to dock dive.  Her dog training experience started with teaching classes on foundation agility, focus and crate games.   Once she realized the importance of canine strength and body awareness training, she started teaching private lessons, online classes and workshops educating others on how to properly improve the condition of their K9 Athlete to prepare for and improve performance.

Bobbie got started in K9 Fitness  over 10 years ago because she had a structurally challenged dog that was having a hard time performing agility jumps.  Bobbie made it a priority to obtain the knowledge and skill necessary to keep him more comfortable, flexible and strong so that he could enjoy the sport of agility. She made appointments, quizzed and gained relationships with rehabilitation veterinarians, osteopaths, chiropractors, canine physical therapists and sports medicine veterinarians.  She immediately started implementing exercises suggested by these professionals not just for her structurally challenged dog but her healthy dogs too.

Bobbie’s Canine Conditioning workshops and classes are held all over the northwest and across the county. She started teaching in the Daisy Peel Classroom in January of 2012.  Bobbie shadows and learns from the leading veterinarians in soft tissues injury, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Her human fitness experience stems from being a gym rat and body building for over 15 years as well as obtaining a Black Belt in Taekwondo.