FlexiPAWS Cloud Safety and Tips

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Individual Paw Targeting: Better Communication for Fitness

by Jasey Day, CCFT – Bobbie Lyons K9FITteam Member

Owner: Day Fit Dogs in North Carolina

When you advance to using balance equipment and more complex movements of canine fitness, having solid a foundation helps you and your dog master new movements. One of those key fundamentals is individual paw targeting (IPT) – meaning your dog lifts each of his four paws individually on cue. You can further advance this foot movement to mean to lift and “stick” the foot onto a target – such as your hand, a flat target, or an inflatable – for duration.

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High Five for Fitness


If you are short on time, high five is a quick and easy exercise is great for developing strong shoulders and upper arms. Especially useful for dogs that like to jump or participate in agility-like sports.

What is High Five?

High Five is when the dog reaches for your hand in either a seated or a standing position. It strengthens both abduction and adduction muscles – those that pull muscles towards the body and those that push the muscles away. Read more ›

Choose Exercises that Match Your Dog’s Level of Fitness

by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT. KPA CTP

The exercises you choose for your dog should always match the dog’s level of fitness and support the movements and demands that your dog places on his body. You also have to consider that dogs don’t always do what we want, and their movements can change in a split second due to a variety of factors. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, the demands placed on a dog’s body during performance sports such as a poorly timed or trained box turn in flyball, falling off agility equipment, being called off a committed direction, chasing/catching frisbees and other common activities in a dog’s life such as hiking, playing fetch, or playing with other dogs. Strength training helps to support those erratic movements in the life of a dog. A dog that has developed good balance, coordination and strength will handle mishaps without injury, or a decrease in severity of injury, better than a poorly conditioned dog. Read more ›

Exercise Idea Infographics

Exercise Idea infographics are on many product pages on our website, but we put them all here in one place!
*Please Note: infographics are primarily designed to be digital content. If you would like a higher resolution PDF, please contact us at info@fitpawsusa.com

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White Boarding

by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT. KPA CTP

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A couple months ago, I put out a Facebook post asking folks what their training struggles were and MANY folks put “time” as their answer. At that time, I had promised a blog post about “white boarding”. Well, I got side tracked and didn’t get back to it, so here we go.

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What “cue” do you use??

by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT. KPA CTP

To obtain the pushup position above, the dog had to know front foot targeting, rear foot targeting, and nose touch hold.

What cue do you use??

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Carolyn Close, M.ED, CCFT

Dogs lie down and stand up so many times a day, but that simple movement can be adapted to efficiently work many areas of the body.

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Fitness or Fad?

by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, KPA CPT
K9 Fitness Coach

Recently I have seen several social media comments that balance products and canine fitness training indoors is a fad.   Of course, I disagree and wanted to share my thoughts on this subject.

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Pet Disaster Preparedness: Everything You Need to Know Checklist

by If It Barks

Natural disasters are no joke. And the last thing you want to do is to panic. No matter how bad the situation is, try to remain calm and do your best to protect yourself and your family. Including your pets. See Infographic by If It Barks.

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