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  • Get Fit. Play Fit. Stay Fit.
    Agility helps develop a stronger bond, confidence and self-awareness for dogs of any age or breed.

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    Instability training on the patented K9FITbone™ helps build core muscles, body awareness, and balance.

    See Giant K9FITbone™ 

    and Mini K9FITbones

  • Active Play, Everyday The FitPAWS® Rocker Board is a great contact surface for a variety of activities. The integrated fulcrum makes it perfect for practicing weight shifts.

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  • Approx. Sizes 40cm, 50cm, 60cm
    – NEW TRAX™ Surface Prevents Slipping and Provides Neurosensory Stimulation
    – NEW Burst-Resistant Design Provides Safe Balance Platform for Conditioning and Rehabilitation Exercises

  • FitPAWS® is proud to carry Flexiness® Fitness Products

    • Flexiness®TwinDisc
    • Flexiness® SensiMat (two versions)

    The Flexiness TwinDisc is suitable for balance training and muscle building. The stability of the disc can be changed depending on the amount of air taken in.

    Flexiness SensiMat is specially designed for dog paws – Especially designed for your dogs paws. Helps with paw grip, stimulation, posture and makes a great training tool.


  • The FitPAWS® Hurdle Set is an incredible value for the backyard agility enthusiast, traveling animal rehab practitioner or professional dog trainer.

    • Cardio
    • Agility
    • Gait Training
    • Body Awareness