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  • CanineGym® K9FITvest® – Cool Vest


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    The design of the K9FITvest with cooling packs allows natural freedom of movement, while conforming to your dog’s body type.

    • Cooling Comfort During Exercise
    • Effective Calming Compression
    • Improve Body Awareness
    • Improve Training Focus
    • Reflective Detail for Safety
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  • CanineGym® K9FITvest® – Fitness Vest


    Train with it on. Perform with it off!
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    The Ultimate In Canine Fitness Training
    The only FUNctional canine fitness apparel that lets your dog do more!

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  • FitPAWS® Safety Harness


    The FitPAWS® Safety Harness is a professional-quality canine harness designed for use with the FitPAWS product line.
    We recommend your dog wear a safety harness you can hold onto, while your dog is exercising on top of the Peanut or Egg. The harness can also help keep your dog positioned on the Balance Disc and Donut.

    • Manage Your Dogs Movement
    • Helps Prevent Injuries While Training
    • Applies Support to Key Areas
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