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How To Get Started In Your Doggie Gym

Getting Started with Canine Fitness and Conditioning Using FitPAWS® Balance Products What makes my 2 Border Collie’s smile? – working on balance discs with me in their doggie gym.

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Benefits of Strength Training Your Dog

There are many reasons to incorporate strength training in your dog’s fitness routine. According to James L. “Jimi” Cook, the director of the Comparative Orthopaedic Laboratory at the University of Missouri-Columbia, proper weight management and strength training can really help

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STRENGTHENS: Front Limbs, Hind Limbs, Core, Focus, Limb Awareness WORK IT: Start with your dog’s front or hind limbs on the K9FITbone. Use treats and lure the dog’s nose while simultaneously stepping towards your dog to encourage lateral movement. Advance

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