Bobbie Lyons K9FITteam / Workshops

We are excited to announce that Bobbie Lyons and FitPAWS®

have teamed up for Canine Fitness Education.

Bobbie Lyons’ K9FITteam trainers are passionate about canine fitness, teaching proper and safe equipment usage with the dog’s best interest in mind.

K9FITteam WORKSHOPS – IN PERSON classes to be scheduled for 2021

International Team Member
Inge Dillen, DVM, CCFT, Nimble-K9, Belgium

The experience of this group is a huge asset to the learning environment and the ability to work with dogs of all breeds and abilities. The members of my team are all dog trainers and personally own dogs that are pets and that are involved in agility, flyball, dock diving, disc dog/UpDog, nose work and schutzhund. The team has extensive backgrounds including but not limited to veterinary medicine, massage therapy, dog training as well as canine fitness. The training team has vast experience working with canine athletes and pet families.

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IN PERSON classes to be scheduled for 2021

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FitPAWS Contact info – 970-535-9090 or e-mail