FitPAWS® Equipment Use Guidelines & Safety

FitPAWS® Equipment Use Guidelines and Safety – PDF Download


  • Each Canine patient should have a comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Examination by their Veterinarian.
  • These exercises are general guidelines for therapeutic & conditioning exercises but are not presented as Rehabilitation Protocols.
  • The Canine patient’s Rehabilitation Practitioner will create specific Rehabilitation Protocol based upon examination findings.
  • Regular monitoring of the exercise program and ongoing progression is necessary to achieve maximum benefit.
  • Not all exercises are suitable for every patient; patient ability varies.
  • Some exercises require trial and error to achieve desired results.
  • Creation of new exercises or new approach to old exercises may be necessary to achieve the optimum outcome.

Safety First:

  • Harness your patient for safety & stabilization
  • Stabilize Equipment using practitioner legs, hands, against a wall
  • Non-skid flooring surface should be used under equipment
  • FitPAWS equipment are Tools not Toys