Strategies for Teaching Pet Dog Fitness

In this seminar, you will learn how to: 

  • Teach pet dogs and pet owners about canine fitness exercises and using FitPAWS Equipment
  • Teach basic training to pet owners and make it fun – pet dog owners want to see results quickly, this class will help you understand how to achieve success without pushing the dog and handler beyond their ability
  • Keep pet dog owners from becoming frustrated during the training process
  • Teach safe practices when working with FitPAWS equipment
  • Choose the right reward for the dog
  • Use treat pouches, pockets, food bowls, lick’em sticks, lickable options
  • Coach pet dog owners to communicate with their dog
  • Keep exercises with FitPAWS equipment at the right level for the dog and owner
  • Show owners how to get their dogs to use FitPAWS equipment
  • Plan and run group classes (several class ideas will be demonstrated)
  • Engage the pet dog in activity
  • Play with the pet dog while increasing activity

A variety of training methods – shaping, luring, and nose targeting – will be used

Pre-requisite:  You are interested in offering canine fitness classes.   If you are a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) this is a great class to help you market to pet dog owners, get class ideas, and learn how to work better with pet dog owners. If you are a dog trainer looking to add to your services, this class is a great place to start learning proper use of FitPAWS equipment while keeping things safe for the dogs and handlers.Note:  This class is VERY geared toward teaching the pet dog and pet dog owner.  The focus will be FUN, getting dogs MORE EXERCISE physically and mentally, while teaching

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