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Hurdle Set & 22″ Balance Disc + Pump


This is a great on the go kit with the 22″ Balance Disc and the Hurdle Set.

Changing the level of air in the Balance Disc will encourage your dog to engage different muscles to maintain balance. The micro-movements created in the body from the act of balancing will strengthen the core and limbs.  It turns any flat surface into an active one! –  *22” (35.5 cm ) Balance Platform / 2 Textures – Smooth/Bumps

The Hurdle Set is completely adjustable and portable dog agility cone and hurdle set includes four 40″ jumping bars, eight highly-visible orange hurdle cones with cut-out holes for additional bar configurations, eight height-adjustment attachments and a black nylon carrying bag.

Set the bars at the lowest level (2″) for canine rehabilitation exercises and gait training. Increase and vary height challenges for agility jumping training. The cones for the Hurdle Set is 17” tall

The entire set fits in the FitPAWS Carrying Bag for on-the-go convenience and weighs under 11 lbs!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 9 in