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  • KLIMB Non-Skid Fee
  • KLIMB Safety Plugs
  • KLIMB Short Leg
  • KLIMB Strap





KLIMB Non-Skid Feet (set of 4)

Using the KLIMB™ without the legs installed is a great way to introduce and get your dog comfortable with the KLIMB.  KLIMB Non-Skid Feet are designed to be used in the place of the legs if you plan on using the KLIMB without legs on a hard surface such as tile or concrete.  When installed, the KLIMB will not slide providing a solid surface for you dog to jump on and off of.





KLIMB Safety Plugs (set of 4)

The KLIMB™ Safety Plugs are a great addition to the KLIMB when the legs are not installed. The plugs prevent small legs from going in the holes when the KLIMB is on the ground. This is a great height to introduce small dogs and puppies to the KLIMB.

-Cannot be used when the legs are installed






KLIMB Short Leg (set of 4)

The KLIMB™ Short Leg creates a 6″ Height to the KLIMB platform.  Half the height of the KLIMB when the regular legs are installed.











The KLIMB™ Strap is recommended if you plan to take legs in and out and store or transport on a regular basis.  The KLIMB™ Strap is an elastic band that easily installs with 3 self drilling screws.  Each strap comes with installation instructions.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

KLIMB Non-Skid Feet, KLIMB Safety Plug, KLIMB Short Leg, KLIMB Strap