CanineGym with FitPAWS® and DogTread® at Westminster Dog Show

CanineGym at Westminster Dog Show

Westminster Dog Show with FitPAWS and DogTread Canine Gym

Visit the FitPAWS DogTread CanineGym at 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show – at Hotel Pennsylvania and the Affinia Hotel. Learn conditioning tips, expel excess energy, relieve stress, and have fun bonding with your dog in the CanineGym! We will have fun getting these champions warmed up, ready, and in prime physical condition for the big show. Come join us!


February 6th-11th, 2014


  • The CanineGym will be at The Basement of Hotel Pennsylvania
  • There will also be a workout room at Hotel Affinia


Stop by the FitPAWS DogTread Canine Gym at Hotel Pennsylvania for these Pet Pampering Amenities:

  • Expel excess energy, improve endurance and gait, and learn about strength training exercises on the DogTread Treadmills
  • Learn and try out the new canine conditioning tools, K9FITvest® and K9FITbone™, that can help improve Top Line
  • Exercise your dog on the FitPAWS Canine Fitness Equipment and get conditioning tips from the FitPAWS Pros!
  • Learn how instability stacking training on a FitPAWS Peanut can help fine tune and tone your dog’s body
  • Learn Topline exercises, proper foot placement exercises, abdominal strengthening and more!
  • Improve Stacking with the FitPAWS Paw Pods
  • Improve your Dogs Gait with the FitPAWS Hurdle Set
  • Dog Spa – Groom your VIP (Very Important Pooch)
  • Paw Mall – Shop the dog vendors
  • Gait Analysis – Video your dogs stride and learn about your dog’s movements and how to improve gait performance

We will be sharing the secrets of how to improve topline, fine tune and tone, improve flexibility, increase endurance and more!

Favorite Moments in the CanineGym

Here are some of our favorite moments from last year!

CanineGym™ with FitPAWS® and DogTread® at Westminster…

Overview of the CanineGym…

Hotel Pennsylvania…

Catherine Rios is one of the leading sales reps for FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment at Ball Dynamics International, LLC. Catherine’s experience in the pet industry stretches over 14 years, and she is passionate about helping pet owners help their pets! Her experience including managing 3 independent pet stores, taking every animal companion class available at SIUC, attending key pet industry conventions, and loving every minute of helping others help their pets be their best!

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