Canine Strength Exercise – Sit To Stand

Sit to Stand is a strengthening exercise that can also be used as a warm up activity.This exercise will help warm up and prepare the muscles, joints and connective tissues for the challenges of many activities from running to agility. To incorporate as a strength activity add resistance and increase time to each position.

SitToStand_K9FITvestWhat is Sit to Stand?
Sit to Stand is done the same as the name implies.
Start your dog in sitting position and then ask your dog to stand. A variation of this exercise is Stand to Down.
Where Can I Do Sit to Stand Exercises?
Sit to Stand can be performed inside or outside. Start with a level surface and advance to using balance tools like a balance disc or balance board.
Sit to Stand Guidelines:
It is recommended that you warm up with a Controlled
Walk before asking your dog to do Sit to Stand.
1) Ask Your Dog to Sit Squarely on Hind Legs. Hold
SitToStand_Tools-Duration2) Then Ask Your Pet to Rise Hold for a Few Seconds
3) Take a Few Steps Forward. Then Sit Again. Repeat
Strive for a “square sit” and use of the pelvic limbs to transition to a stand.
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