K9FITvest Proper Fit Guidelines

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Please use our Size Chart as a guideline to identify the proper size for your dog. The K9FITvest is made of a special material that is stretchable and is designed to perform best when it is snug. This material and construction is designed to be comfortable even if it looks tight. If the weight is shifting on your dogs back then the size is too big. It is important that the weights align on either side of the spine. The vest should remain stationary, relative to your dogs skin, during use. If you have questions about your dogs size let us help you – call 877.563.5151 or email info@dogtread.com



  • Unzip the K9FITvest
  • Pull the neck portion over your dog’s head
  • Using a treat to entice your dogs nose through the opening can be helpful
  • Slide your dogs legs through the front leg holes
  • Zip the vest along the back, used Velcro closure to hold in place while you zip
  • Weight compartments are positioned to align on either side of your dogs spine
  • If weights shift while your dog is moving, it is too large. Please exchange for a smaller size


If your dog is not use to wearing apparel, we suggest you give him/her a chance to acclimate. A treat or play time with the K9FITvest helps dogs soon forget they are wearing it. Association of the Vest with fun experiences like a walk or play help them establish a positive picture that good things happen when the vest is on.

If the vest is going to be used for rehabilitation we recommend you work with your Vet or Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner to establish a program that is best suited for your dog’s unique situation.

If your vest is torn it can be mended to decrease the hole size from spreading, or call us for help 800.752.2255 or info@fitpawsusa.com

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