K9FITvest Cardio Exercises


Cardio Activities:Always perform cardio exercises on dry grass, rails, soft roads or dog-specific treadmills whenever possible to limit joint stress. Preferably flat ground in the beginning working up to varied terrain after your dog gains strength and endurance. If you are just starting, strive for 5-10 minutes every other day with the K9FITvest. Do not over do it. If your dog normally walks for 30 minutes, add the K9FITvest for 5-10 minutes of this time, then take it off and finish your workout. Watch your dog for signs of fatigue and remove upon any change in the dogs movement. Give your dog a chance to rest a day between workouts to help build and repair muscles properly. Gradually increase time with the vest on during cardio activities.

EXPERT TIPS: FitPAWS Advisor and Master Trainer Anthony Woerner, PT and CCRP recommends the following for quality exercise progression:

Alternate Cardio Days
You can consider working different muscle groups on alternate days. For example: Strength one day, cardio the next, balance and flexibility exercises can be done each day… competitive dogs can do endurance work daily, but benefits from some type of cross training.

A Good Rule of Paw
Your dog should be tired after exercises but if it is ready to go within a half hour, it is time to progress the intensity of the exercises. If the dog is tired for the rest of the day, the current level should be maintained. If the dog is stiff or sore the next day, or not willing to work, the intensity should be decreased to meet the previous level.



Always strive for strong purposeful movement

Right after an exercise session, posture and gait should be the same or better than before the exercises. If the exercises cause a negative change to posture, ability or gait, the exercises should be modified, decreasing the reps or frequency of the exercise or change to less challenging ones.


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