FitPAWS® and CanineGym® Rally X Course – Endurance Challenge

FitPAWS FitBALL- RallyX-course Human and CaninetnessThe Endurance Challenge – Humans Allowed
Do you have need of ENDURANCE? Does your canine fitness partner?

Try our FitPAWS®, FitBALL® and CanineGym®
Rally eXercise Course – Endurance Challenge!

Get Your Gear!
When you invest in your CanineGym®, you and your canine fitness partner will see your results magnify and your time spent working out greatly reduced.
Plus, indoor core conditioning, cross-training, and endurance building ensures you both stay fit no matter what the weather may be like.

FitPAWS-Balance-DogTread_TreadmillFor the Canine Masters – FitPAWS®, CanineGym® and DogTread® Equipment

DogTread® Treadmills


FitPAWS® Peanuts

FitPAWS® Hurdle Set

For the Human Servants – FitBALL® Fitness Equipment


FitBALL® MedBall (FBMED)

FitBALL® MedBall with Straps (FBMEDST)

FitBALL® SoftMeds (FBSM)

FitBALL® MiniMeds (FBMM)

Gymnic® MedBall (SO-MED)


Need Help?

Let one of our fitness Specialists help you build your human and CanineGym®:


Toll-free:+1 800.752.2255

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