Cardio Circuit Training For Dogs

140627-fitdog-friday-cardio-circuit-training-fitpaws-caninegym1-300x300Cardio Circuit Training Is FUN AND Beneficial

The benefits of cardio circuit training are fairly well known in the human realm. In the canine realm, we might just assume dogs get enough cardio. Why? Because they’re dogs. We don’t analyze the benefits to their mind and body. Yet, the benefits are huge to dogs of all sizes and abilities.

Just like humans, dogs also benefit from changing things up. The different circuits you can come up with are endless, especially if you have a few key pieces of equipment.

Does this infographic spark your imagination?

Cool! What would you change to make the courses:

  • more interesting?
  • more challenging?
  • more fun?fitpaws-caninegym-cardio-circuit-training-for-dogs

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