Dealer Shipping FAQs

Q: What info do I need to calculate shipping charges?

A: To calculate shipping charges we need the product to be ordered (for dimensions) and the exact address (For UPS rates). You can do all of this through our website by adding your desired product to the cart and then clicking the “get shipping quote” button on the checkout screen.

Q: How are shipping charges calculated?

A: Our system uses the dimensions and weights of each product, along with UPS live rates to calculate the cheapest shipping quote, which is passed directly on to the customer.

Q: I got a notification that my order was completed, but never received a tracking number for my shipment?

A: If you ordered a product with free shipping, we will send it out via USPS and a tracking number will not be provided. If the product did NOT have free shipping, please contact us at and we will provide the tracking info for you.

Q: Why does my order say it is on hold?

A: An order on hold means that the funds have been pre-authorized, but not charged yet. We wait until the product has shipped before billing our customers. Once a shipping label is printed you will get a fulfillment notification and a tracking number.

Q: What happens if I accidentally entered the wrong address?

A: UPS may charge an address correction fee if they can’t easily find the correct address. If you notice that you entered the wrong address please contact us with the correction as soon as possible and we will update your order if it has not already shipped.

Q: Can I arrange my own shipping?

A: If you or your business have a UPS account number we can arrange shipping to be billed directly to your account. If you would like to arrange this please contact us at and we can enter your UPS account info manually.

Q: Do you ship international?

A: Yes. You must e-mail in your order to with Shipping address and order information.  We will give you a shipping quote and you will receive instructions for payment on PayPal.  Your shipping costs may be less if you find an International Distributor near you.