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FitPAWS® Fan Videos

FitPAWS® Equipment for Canine Fitness How important is core strength in canine fitness?  Our Customers know! The core is the POWERHOUSE of a dog’s body. Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can help reduce and prevent injuries.  We have

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CanineGym K9FITbone™ Exercise Card – Power Paws

Integrate instability training to develop strength, endurance, proprioception, balance and flexibility with the K9FITbone™ or the  new Giant K9FITbone (coming in July) . The new balance disc shaped like a bone provides fun and a greater sense of dog aesthetics. It

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Why Do Veterinarians Use FitPAWS®?

An Interview with FitPAWS® and Dr. Kerry Fisher, DVM, CCRP Q: Where did the inspiration for FitPAWS® equipment for pets first come from? A: From our forward-looking customers who were originally using our human brand of fitness and rehab products

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CanineGym with FitPAWS® and DogTread® at Westminster Dog Show

CanineGym at Westminster Dog Show Visit the FitPAWS DogTread CanineGym at 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show – at Hotel Pennsylvania and the Affinia Hotel. Learn conditioning tips, expel excess energy, relieve stress, and have fun bonding with your dog in

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FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment Helps Prevent Injuries

Agility, Dock Dogs, Disc Dogs, Flyball… Whatever the sport, getting injured ruins everyone’s day, if not one’s entire career. FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment can help prevent such a tragedy.

FitPAWS® Musical… Balance Discs

Forget the musical chairs, and try FitPAWS® musical Balance Discs! It’s easy to set up and soooo much fun!

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FitPAWS Peanut: Can Your Dog Do This?

Looking for specific exercises to do with your dog on the FitPAWS® Peanut? Look no further! We’ve designed this post to be less talk and more action… Are you ready? The Peanut is used for core conditioning of sporting and

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Learn From FitPAWS® Videos

Our YouTube Channel is a great place to learn and be inspired! Do you need help inflating the FitPAWS® Peanut?

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