Our Fans Ask: Compare FitPAWS® with Yoga Equipment


One of our Facebook fans asks:

“What’s the difference between FitPAWS® equipment and regular yoga equipment for people?”

This great question comes up a lot, so let’s dig in…

What Is Similar?

We think it might help to start with what is similar between these types of equipment.

The Goal = Inner Core Strength

core-muscles-stability-300x170canine muscles

Why is core strength important?

Both humans and animals have core muscles that surround the spine and organs. When these muscles are strong, we use them to support our spine and power us through our activities. That means we don’t overuse our bones to hold us up and carry us through life.

How is core strength achieved?

On the subject of fitness, many people think of the phrase “no pain, no gain.” As noble of a philosophy as that may be, we see things differently.

When on a safe, but unstable surface, you are forced to stabilize yourself. This engages your core muscles and strengthens them. The same is true for your pets.

With equipment designed for instability exercise, you can gain that core strength with much less time and “pain.”

What is different?

Yoga equipment, stability ball equipment, and balance equipment like the FitBALL® line of products are all designed with the human form in mind. That’s appropriate.


Would you want an iPhone case that was designed with a Samsung phone in mind? Of course not!

That’s why we went back to the drawing board and designed a line of equipment specifically designed for the canine form.

FitPAWS Dog Fitness

Here are two of the problems that our FitPAWS® canine core conditioning equipment solves:

1. Material

Dogs have paws, and those nails can really cause problems with your average vinyl PVC fitness equipment.

Therefore, we designed FitPAWS® with super tough nail resistant vinyl PVC. The last thing you want is a nail puncture to ruin your dog’s workout.

2. Size And Shape

The round exercise ball is not the best for dogs.

The round exercise ball is not the best for dogs.

When using a regular round fitness ball, the dog, especially a larger breed, is forced into a position that strains his or her back and neck. This is can interfere with strengthening that core.

What is more, a round ball is very difficult for the dog’s handler to control.

The FitPAWS Peanut is the best for dog exercise and canine core strength.

The FitPAWS Peanut is the best for dog exercise and canine core strength.

FitPAWS® equipment comes in different shapes and sizes that are designed to allow your dog to stand naturally, without any strain to their back and neck.

Plus, the equipment is easily controlled by even a novice handler.

Same Goal, Different Road

The road to inner core strength is remarkably different for dogs than for us humans. Still, whether they serve the handicapped, conquer an agility course, survive a surgery, help out on the farm, or just warm our heart at home, our canine companions need that strong core as much as we do.

The FitPAWS® Team is devoted to canine core strength. Please contact us to learn how you can customize your dog’s exercise activities to meet their specific needs.