CanineGym K9FITbone™ Exercise Card – Power Paws

Integrate instability training to develop strength, endurance, proprioception, balance and flexibility with the K9FITbone™ or the  new Giant K9FITbone (coming in July) . The new balance disc shaped like a bone provides fun and a greater sense of dog aesthetics. It is a well–rounded tool that packs a big punch.


• Use a treat to encourage the dog to put its back feet on the K9FITbone or the Giant K9FITbone. Once the feet are up, name the behavior “Back up” This will become a command, like “Sit” or “Down.”
• Practice holding the position for recommended duration.
• Encourage with voice and treats to make the exercise fun.
• Release the dog from the position by saying “OK” or “All done” in a mild tone of voice. Save the praise and excitement for when the dog is doing the behavior.

You may walk the dog over the K9FITbone to place back feet. As your dog becomes more skilled, back the dog onto the K9FITbone for positioning. Hind limb awareness is a challenge for some dogs so you may need to lift the back legs to start to show positioning. Reward placement.
This is a great exercise for dogs who are “wiggly” and have a difficult time learning a Sit Stay command. Having to think about keeping their feet up on a K9FITbone helps them to concentrate more. Because the K9FITbone is raised up from the floor, the dog also understands more clearly when they break the stay because they experience a level change.

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