FitPAWS® Rally X Course

FitPAWS RallyX-courseFitPAWS® Rally eXercise Class Idea

Have fun combing rally-o concepts with your own unique FitPAWS® Rally-X. Create your own FitPAWS course and exercise signs.

Start with 5 minutes on each exercise – Then switch!

Work your way up to a fun Rally X competition!

(After the following infographic scroll down for videos to see how it’s done. Plus don’t miss a view of Super Pan, The Pan of Steel showing his amazing trainer, Robert J Porter, how to master the Extreme Obstacle Course.)


Learn More From These Awesome Videos…

Let Bliss show you how to do Puppy Pushups on the FitPAWS® Peanut! (step 1)

Think your dog can’t go under the FitPAWS® Hurdle Set, think again! (step 7)

Watch this X-Fit Canine dominate doing Doggie Squats on the FitPAWS® Donut & Giant Balance Disc! (step 10)

Want an alternative to Step 13 in the infographic above? Put a plank on top of two FitPAWS® Wobble Boards or Balance Discs!

Extreme Obstacle Course

Super Pan, The Pan of Steel makes it look easy!

Help For The Pro Trainer!

Are you a professional Dog Trainer who wants to incorporate FitPAWS® training aids into your school?

Let our FitPAWS Team help you with a custom program built just for you!