Fitness or Fad?

by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, KPA CPT
K9 Fitness Coach

Recently I have seen several social media comments that balance products and canine fitness training indoors is a fad.   Of course, I disagree and wanted to share my thoughts on this subject.

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Giant K9FITbone shown – Photo credit Shazam Schwartz

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Pick of the Litter – Official Trailer


FitPAWS is proud to be part of such a worthy film!
A must see for all.

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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day!

Get your dog moving! Healthy dogs are happy dogs

See Ideal Pet Weight Ranges as recommended and Exercise is Key in maintaining a good weight.

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FitPAWS Wobble Board and TRAX Peanut Exercises

Use the infographics to get started with exercise ideas or watch these videos to get even more info!

Wobble BoardsTRAX Peanuts

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Decoding Your Dog (Infographic)

Fun Infographic by Greyhounds as Pets in Australia

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FitPAWS Pawsome Balance Exercises

Train and work out your dog these FitPAWS Pawsome Balance Exercises

Use Trax Donut and Product Holder,

Peanut, Trax Peanut and K9FITbone 


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Growing Up With FitPAWS®

A Puppy’s Growth Process

Part of a puppy’s growth process includes the establishment of balance, proprioception, and core strength.

We recommend beginning puppies out on the FitPAWS® equipment as early as possible – even six weeks if possible.

The best FitPAWS products for a dog new to balance is the K9FITbones (original or Giant), Balance PadBalance Discs and Ramp.

The large Wobble Board is also a great tool to begin exploration of moving objects and establishing balance and core skills.

Stepping on Donuts and a variety of Peanuts is a fun way to begin core strength and get a jump start on the muscles needed for balance and proprioception.



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Balance and Stability Exercises for Dogs


Gyms have all sorts of balance and stability equipment these days. They may include traditional exercise balls, foam pads of all sizes, Bosu balls, and inflatable discs.

Why is that? Well, balance and stability are to so important to many aspects of health for dogs and humans. It can help dogs of any age, from puppy development skills to the senior dog that has lost strength and stability from age related weakness.

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Your Dogs Behavior and Exercise

Download Badge and add to your site or post it! #NCFM

This month is National Canine Fitness Month!  Exercise is so important for your canine for so many reasons and behavior is one of those reasons!

Have you ever had that moment when you questioned taking your dog for a walk because it barks at everything that moves? Or have you ever felt your heart just break when your fearful canine companion becomes overcome with anxiety due to a fear or phobia? These are just a few of the behavior problems facing many families today. Unfortunately, many dogs are relinquished every year as a result of these problems.(4) Read more ›

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